[ALS] completed the job ahead of schedule and both the client and myself were delighted with the final result, which sounded professional and classy. The rate was very reasonable considering the quality of work… In-Situ

Bryony Kate Howard, In-Situ

I highly appreciated [ALS’s] diligent, spot-on and professional translation… The translation reflected the exact professional wording and syntax where some parts of the original (German) text were written in detailed, not everyday language. stimmt

Frederike Braitlinger, Marketing Consultant, Switzerland.

Great! Quick, professional, accurate work, friendly, and I can recommend [ALS] for sure! KR Consulting

Kimberly Railla, Language Trainer / English Lecturer, KR Consulting, Germany

Top quality and delivery in time. It’s always a good sign when a translator even improves the original version…

German Banking Executive

I’m completely satisfied with [ALS’s] work and [the translator’s] quality-oriented approach. I will definitely consider [ALS] next time.
Amel Karboul

Amel Karboul, Change Management Consultant & Winner of 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

This is an excellent translator able to convey idiomatic nuances in the translated text. EuroScientist

Sabine Louet, Editor, EuroScientist

[ALS] displayed extraordinary mastery in creating a poem that sounded natural in English and maintained the humour and charm of the Russian original. E-E

Hannelore Fobo, Essayist / Art Critic / Linguist, Berlin

You really did a great job in copy-editing this speech. The text really did improve a lot, and it now has exactly the right tone. I also appreciate the close contact about issues that came up… You did the utmost the get it right…. Very much recommended…

University vice-chancellor’s speech, Netherlands

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