Revision of Third-Party TranslationsChecking and correcting/improving third-party translations

The process of checking and revising translations is fairly complex in that it requires checks on several levels. Not only the semantics (the meaning), but the syntax (the grammar and structure of the language used), the punctuation, the register (the degree of formality) and the layout all receive attention, along with numerous additional factors, such as cultural and temporal appropriateness.

Many (though not all) of the third-party translations that we are asked to revise have been done by non-native speakers of English. It is always helpful to know something of the background to the translation, as it will help us to ascertain whether any aspects of the revision process will require particular emphasis.

What type of checking do you require?

We can provide a thorough revision, perform final checks, or simply assess the quality of a translation.

[ALS] completed the job ahead of schedule and both the client and myself were delighted with the final result, which sounded professional and classy. The rate was very reasonable considering the quality of work… In-Situ

Bryony Kate Howard, In-Situ

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