Professional proofreading of any text, checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, typing errors, consistency of style and the correctness of a given layout. Our proofreading service is backed by professional training, and frequently attracts long-term business from clients representing both science and the arts.

Please note that almost all proofreading is conducted electronically (i.e. using a word processor, as opposed to on paper). If required, we can record all alterations made so that they remain visible on screen, giving you the option to accept or reject the changes as you see fit (although generally speaking the purpose of leaving the corrections visible is to simply allow you to see the nature and extent of the changes).


We can copy-edit your draft documents so that they are ready for publication. Extensive copy-editing is usually only required when the original text has been written by a non-native speaker. Under most circumstances, one of the main aims of our service is to only make improvements that are essential – although the degree to which alterations should be made is always agreed beforehand in discussion with our clients.

Did you notice the uncorrected error on the left?

We proofread documents of all types and sizes.

[ALS] completed the job ahead of schedule and both the client and myself were delighted with the final result, which sounded professional and classy. The rate was very reasonable considering the quality of work… In-Situ

Bryony Kate Howard, In-Situ

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