Other Media

Most formats accepted

We are happy to discuss any aspect of the materials you wish to have translated.

[ALS] completed the job ahead of schedule and both the client and myself were delighted with the final result, which sounded professional and classy. The rate was very reasonable considering the quality of work… In-Situ

Bryony Kate Howard, In-Situ


We can either accept the text of your website in any of the formats listed in the section on document translation, or, if that is not available, we can actually work directly on the website files themselves. We can also advise on the suitability of your website content for the audience you are targeting with the translated website, and, if necessary, assist with the adaptation of the content.

Video Translation

Simply send us your video via Google Drive or Dropbox and we will return it to you with a translated sound track that has been carefully synced to the original – it’s as simple as that. We can also suggest other ways you may provide us with your video content if these methods are not convenient.

We can also provide subtitles for your video, whether this be instead of or in addition to translating the audio. Furthermore, training and marketing videos, etc., that contain on-screen visual messages in German or Russian can specifically be catered for, as we are able to translate those elements that need to be portrayed in English and place the translations onto the video; (see, for example, the sample video excerpt in the ‘Technical / Mechanical Engineering’ section).

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